Advances in furnaces have taken place over the past few years in reaction to the need to conserve energy. Energy efficiencies now reach as high as 98%, meaning that only 2% of the energy consumed by the appliance is being wasted or exhausted out the flue. Blower motors on furnaces have also seen drastic upgrades with the “variable speed” and “ECM” motors being used in many of the new units now available. These motors consume far less energy than their predecessors. Some of these new motors use the energy equivalent of a 65 watt light bulb. These motors are especially efficient when used in conjunction with indoor air quality items such as whole home humidifiers, UV-Lights and air cleaners that utilize continuous blower operation. The motors also can contribute to higher efficiency rating for the air conditioners or heat pumps they are coupled with to further enhance their value. For customers of MGE, the utility offers rebates for furnaces 90% efficient and higher. For more information on how these new furnaces can improve the home comfort for you and your family, please contact Midwest Heating Cooling and Plumbing at 816-943-8400 and set up a free, no obligation assessment from a comfort advisor.

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